Tutorials are on a one-to-one basis and usually last one or two hours.

Location and availability

After tutoring in London for over five years, I have now moved to Australia. Tutorials with UK students take place online via Skype after 7pm Sunday to Thursday. Students in Australia can arrange tuition with me in person via the Melbourne Maths and Physics Tutor website.

Tutorial Focus

Tutorials are always focussed on the student's needs.

My aim is to improve the student's understanding of the subject, rather than only teaching facts to pass an exam. However, at A-level and above it is understanding rather than regurgitation of facts that leads to exam success.

A number of recent students discovered an interest in maths or physics that they never knew they had, and are now pursuing further study in those areas.


I teach a wide range of students:

Other Information

I have a CRB Enhanced Disclosure Certificate, and refuse to teach under-16s in person unless an adult is present.